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ACP Fully Addressable Control and Monitoring Systems

BSB Addressable Damper Control System - ACP

The ACP Addressable Control System has been specifically designed and developed for the control, monitoring and operation of connected ventilation damper systems and includes interface functions for Fans & BMS systems along with standard programmable inputs/Outputs which can be setup to meet specific project requirements.

The ACP focusses on life safety systems, for controlling Fire/Smoke damper systems, with programmable “Cause and Effect” to suit specific project requirements, but can be programmed to suit a number of applications as required.

Standard sizes range from ACP50 through to ACP350 offering flexibility to suit system sizes up to 350 individual Damper actuation points, either 24V or 230V and incorporates layered security access through the inbuilt TFT touch screen interface, all encased in a steel enclosure with hinged lockable glass fronted door.

All ACP panels are supplied pre-programed to suit individual Project “Cause & Effect”, reducing on site commissioning time.

To complement THE ACP Panel and give robust network communication between the ACP Panel and remote dampers, a range of purpose designed Addressable Dampers Modules are available (ADM) to ensure secure and safe communications.

Not sure what to specify? Then call our sales office for friendly advice and guidance on writing your project specific specification.

BSB Engineering Services Ltd. reserves the right to modify or withdraw any specification without prior notice that may result from continuous product development. The information contained within this website is for reference only. Full product details should be obtained from our Sales Office.

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